Mission Statement 


The mission of the Black Republicans of Montgomery County (BRMC) is to provide a viable alternative for fellow Black Americans who are frustrated by the steady erosion of mainstream Black voices in the partisan political dynamics of Montgomery County. 

Through education and outreach, BRMC members and supporters will ensure that issues of financial, economic and social importance to the Black Community are heard, and more importantly, actively addressed by state and local elected representatives.

The BRMC strongly supports civic and political participation, and gladly welcomes the small business community and the broader private sector as a partner in BRMC education and outreach activities.

Who We are:           BRMC-PIC1.jpg

The Black Republicans of Montgomery County (BRMC) was started by a group of Black and other Montgomery County citizens concerned about the policies and programs that are implemented by the One Party ruling class in Montgomery County, without input or full consideration of the Black Community.

  • We can and we will decide for ourselves what is best for our families and communities. 
  • We will no longer be taken for granted, shunned, silenced or marginalized by Montgomery County elected officials.
  • We will advocate for a competing set of economic, financial and social priorities which will improve the standard of living, opportunities and quality of life for all Black Americans in Montgomery County.